Praise for The Machinist Book One: Malevolence

Brilliant stuff that puts it a level above most written & drawn comics.” – Austin Grossman, author of Soon I Will Be Invincible and writer of Arkane Studio’s award-winning Dishonored video game

Alexander Maisey is off to a good start with the first novella in his Machinist trilogy. He’s created a universe that includes a bunch of complicated superheroes.” – Eric Searleman, review website.

a fantastic read” – Michael Shean, author of Redeye, Bone Wires, and Shadow of a Dead Star

“…bloody good pulp action. It’s certainly unlike any superhero fiction I’ve ever read. That’s what makes it great … That, and a few wonderful twists.” – William Vitka, Author of Infected and The Space Whiskey Death Chronicles

“…a comic book viewed in the theater of your mind instead of graphic images… painted with powerful words of description instead of inked colors.” – Doug Glassford, Indie Author and Carnival of Cryptids contributor


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