Info for Indie Writers

A whole long thing is going to go here, but while I write it up, I’ll just be posting random useful crap here.

Your Cover
I don’t like the idea of using stock images, because I have the mind of an artists but none of the skill. I’ll post some tips on developing your cover idea and how to find the right person for it, how to approach them, what to expect to pay, and how to cover both your asses legally. In fact, that last one is important so I’ll get to it now.

Generic Cover Art Release and Contract All-in-One!
Both you and your cover artist need to agree on this. I’m going to modify it later to include information about the timeline/deadline on it, too, since that’s been an issue for me:

This will confirm the understanding between [YOUR NAME, hereinafter “the client”] regarding work to be done by [ARTIST NAME, hereinafter “the artist”] as more fully described below:
[AS DETAILED A DESCRIPTION AS POSSIBLE OF THE REQUESTED ARTWORK; IT IS IMPORTANT TO SPECIFY THE DIMENSIONS] to be delivered in [A HIGH-REZ FORMAT; I RECOMMEND 300DPI .PNG OR .TIFF FILES FOR HIGH-QUALITY PRINT REPRODUCTION PURPOSES] (hereinafter, the “Work”). The artist and the client have agreed that final delivery of the Work by the artist to the client will occur on or before [WHATEVER DATE YOU WORK OUT TOGETHER]
1. The main purpose of the Work is for display as or as part of the cover on client’s novel [YOUR BOOK TITLE].
2. The client retains rights to use the final image for promotional material including their web presence in addition to its purpose as an element on and/or in the novel.
3. The client retains rights to alter the Work to add title, graphics and text of their design for the same purposes as described above.
4. The client does not have the right to sell prints of The Work in a standalone fashion.
5. The artist retains rights of the original final image to reproduce for promotional material, exhibitions, compilations, portfolios, and non-competing uses.
6. The artist also has the right to make prints for sale of The Work. If the client wishes these rights he can purchase them for an additional fee, to be negotiated.
7. The artist represents that “I am the sole author of the Work and all services are original and not copied in whole or in part from any other work;” that the Work is not libelous or obscene, or knowingly violates the right of privacy or publicity, or any other rights of any person, firm or entity.
If the above reflects your understanding, please sign below to reflect your agreement to the above terms and your intention to be bound hereby.
Signature of the Artist
Signature of the Client


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