4 comments on “Community and Independent Authors

  1. Truth! So glad you wrote that, my brother. It cracks me up to watch people with unjustifiably inflated egos lord over people, especially when they don’t know their time is at hand. The revolution is here and it’s real, and I’ll keep telling people about it until everyone understands. It was my sincere pleasure to speak at your side and Vitka’s today, and I’ll not soon forget it. I’m hoping we get to present our panel in New York this October and keep spreading the word.

    • B-man, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the last year. I was terrified to approach you at first, but now I know you’re a genuine mentor with loads of experience. That you’re so outreach-minded is your greatest asset. I meant to tell you something like this in person, but couldn’t find the words. And even still, they’re failing me right now. So I’ll just say this: Thanks for your support with this and all things. Even if I somehow fail to get in my third attempt at a KAS contribution (I just recently finished the outline for the one I wanted to send in for Carnival of Cryptids, haha!) I know you’ve got my back in my other endeavors.

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  3. Thank you, Alex for always being honest, friendly, and accessible. You are an excellent storyteller and a damn fine writer. More importantly, you are a human being. Like Bernie and Vitka and some of the others I’ve met through the KAS projects, decent down-to-earth regular guys, and I proud to be a part of that growing circle. Glad you guys had such a great time and even better, such a deep impact on your audience.

    Great article.

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