4 comments on “My Top 5 Supervillains

  1. I gotta say, Lex Luthor always held a soft spot for me, because in some of his incarnations the ONLY reason he’s a “villain” is because he just can’t stand superman being a hero. The idea that the highest idol for humans is an alien just wrecks his whole ‘achieving greatness through hard work and intelligence’ thing. Imagine if every problem you could create could suddenly be solved with punching? That would make ANY intellectual man want to build a death ray.

    • I don’t disagree, but the usage of Lex over the years has been so schizophrenically variable it’s bizarre. I know that you have a “perfect Lex Luthor” in your mind, and so I do, but unfortunately he doesn’t consistently exist!

  2. That’s a pretty solid list, but if your talking mostly about sympathetic villains, what about Jean Grey/Phoenix. Jean already had some issues controlling her powers, then this alien spirit invades her body takes over and reeks havoc.

    • I never really considered Dark Phoenix to be a villain; since she started as a hero and was possessed by a non-human entity. Jean wasn’t making decisions, the Phoenix Force was pulling the strings.

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